Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday, 4 September 2015

Today was challenging. I was collecting homework, paperwork for the office, and troubleshooting to find out who had their notebooks, whose parents signed up for Remind, etc. I was trying to figure out when to fit the lesson into the morning! During 3rd period we had an assembly, so that group had one less lesson today. However, this blog is all about the positive!
1) First period Math students came in quietly and a few of them had their agendas and homework out and ready for the day.
2) One of my students gave me a hug and when I asked what for, he said, I'm showing you respect. Okay, I'll take that!
3) The students were very well behaved during the assembly. They walked to and from in great form and gave the speaker their undivided attention.
How's that for positive!?!?

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