Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1) Students took turns being a skeptic or a convincer. Each convincer had to make a new shape from a square of paper and convince the skeptic that their new shape met the requirements. The reasoning was good and it looked like all students were engaged at some level.

2) Students shared different ways they noticed 7 dots. The original was shown for less than three seconds. This shows a visual representation of how they saw 7 dots.

The three lines indicate 2+3+2 one student saw it vertically, one saw it diagonally.
The X with two dots is how a student saw 5+2.
The V and ^  represent threes, so the one with the dot in the center shows 3+3+1.
The Rhombus with a Triangle on top shows 4+3.

3) Students shared information about scientists and one female student is already aware that scientists are regular people.

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