Sunday, February 28, 2016

Special Report: Gold Coast Science Network 2016

The day began with a wonderful keynote address by Quin Etnyre about Making. It is very uplifting to see such motivated young people and I applaud Gold Coast Science Network for inviting Quin to be the morning keynote speaker. 

More information about Quin and his endeavors can be found with the following links.
Twitter: @qtechknow
Facebook: Qtechknow

The first session I attended was about Green Screen Basics. The slide show is at:
I had fun working with my friend Ian as we learned how to make it work.

I also attended workshops about science phenomena, engineering, and robots. 


It was a full day with excellent food, motivated teachers, interesting presentations, and good ideas. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It is always rewarding to hear that folks benefited from your hard work!