Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Special Report: Typing Agent

Rio School District decided to try a new typing program and chose Typing Agent. I volunteered to use it with my students as a pilot program.

There are many aspects of Typing Pal that I find appealing. Whenever I teach typing, I walk around the class to monitor and guide students with correct fingering. While using Typing Agent, there are fewer problems with incorrect fingering. The fingering is shown two different ways, one by showing the keyboard highlighted with the letter to be typed. The student also sees hands on either side of the keyboard that highlights the correct finger to use.

I appreciate the leveling process. Students earn one to three stars on each lesson and can't progress until they have earned at least one star. As a teacher, I am able to view lessons that students have completed and see how well they completed each one. I can monitor real time typing from my computer and know who is on task and who is not typing at the moment.

 I am very impressed with Typing Agent and my students like it more than Typing Pal. I prefer Typing Agent to other programs that have been used in the past and hope this will be considered in the future.

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