Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

1) On this fine foggy morning, students came in with tons of energy. They are starting to take more control of repetitive tasks in class rather than waiting for me to do them.

2) They noticed interesting sequences on today's Visual Pattern.

3) Today is block schedule Wednesday, so the students got to listen to a chapter from the Number Devil. One student helped with showing pictures as I read. Several students were so intrigued by one of the patterns, they want to research it further. I provided them with link so they could explore more.

After school I was grading today's quiz. I'm posting about the positive parts of my job, so when students took a quiz and about Rainshadow to find out who was comprehending the reading material, instead of focusing on the wrong answers, I am focusing on the creativity of the answers. At least some made me giggle...

      Rainshadow is…

  • rain coming down from the clouds
  • fog
  • when the shadow of rain leave something behind
  • the cloud that forms
  • the shadow of rain that happens when rain happens and it forms a shadow
  • like fog
  • the fog is like a shadow and fog is like rain
  • rain clouds forming a shadow below
  • when it is raining and after it rains there will be a shadow left over
  • when it rains and you see a shadow
  • the elevation of the rain. Also, when rain goes to the mountains
  • Rain kind of like a shadow.
  • When it rains a lot and the clouds make a shadow. 
  • When it rains a lot.
  • when the sky collects the water, forms a cloud, gets so dark that it becomes a rain shadow.
  • When it rains and you see your reflection in the water.
  • When it rains and the cloud becomes darker.
  • When it rains for a long period of time the sun is shadowed from hitting the earth.
  • is when it rains a lot and it starts getting dark.

  • And the winners...

  • what happens when the clouds go up the mountains and lose moister at the mountain when it goes to the other side it loses its rain.
  • the backside of the mountain range. It's the region that doesn't receive as much rainfall as where the rain is hitting directly.
  • when rain is in the backside of a mountain.
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