Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday, 11 April 2016

After an incredible 2 week break in which I met a personal goal I thought would take me until 2020 to meet, I'm back with my incredible 6th graders. Here is the photo of my California map showing the number of species of birds I've identified in each county. The goal was to identify 100 birds in all 58 counties. According to John Sterling, the biologist in charge, only 52 people have accomplished this goal!

1) Students wished me Happy Birthday.
2) Students jumped right back into the routines of our classroom.
3) CPS students worked on understanding and figuring out the rules of various games they have never played. It was interesting to walk around and see how games were being played. I had to point out that some were not following the rules. I would ask for a sentence from the rules to be read aloud, and there would be a big, "OH!" Following that, the students played the games as designed.

I was particularly impressed by the puzzle group. They had 9 cards with photos that have to be connected in a specific way. You can see the puzzle here.

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