Sunday, May 15, 2016

Special Edition Take Two: CUE Rock Star Math Edition 15 May 2016

Morning intro video about the session by Ed Campos that several Rio teachers attended yesterday.

We were urged to be the fireworks dog, or to be or follow the Lone Nut.

Here's my sched for the day.

Session 1 360° Math with @EdCamposJr.  Click the link to his slide deck.

Our first task using Visual Patterns.

Some quotes from participants...
I love how you can very quickly look around and see the students processing the information. Standing seems like you're automatically more engaged.
I like my feelings about the activity. I didn't feel stressed about doing the math.
I liked the different colored markers on one of the drawings.
We've been told to take paper off walls by Fire Marshall, so white board walls can solve the student work on display without ignoring fire codes.

Ed: Did I ask you to talk to your A & B partner? No, I want the interaction to be natural.

  • Music helps motivate the students. Thank Matt Vaudrey for his music list. 
  • Matt says, "Never say what a student or music can say."
  • Ask your students what they would play during certain transitions.
  • Group review is done like a Golf Scramble. Check out slide 21. Students never use the mulligan.
  • Ed has his students choose between doing a 30 problem packet or completing two different problems from class, screencasting an explanation and uploading it.verit
Me thinking and learning: Class V room makeover! Found this desk and I love the iPad stand Ed is using. Debbie Boden shared a new link.

I learned how to take/upload a photo directly into a folder on Google Drive.

After our lunch of Panera salad and sandwich (Smoked Turkey in my case, since you're curious), I attended Blended Learning in Math with Lindsey Blass.
I've got another tool that may help me with my skills at Blended Learning.

I've used Kahoot! and my students love it and ask for it. "Hey teacher, give me test, PLEASE can we take a test!"
Great Ideas:
1) Have the proficient student lead a Kahoot! Session as one of your rotation stations.
2) Have two correct answers. Leads to some cognitive dissonance and then insight.

After a quick intro showing a variety of resources, we went to stations. I looked at some screencasting info, then switched over to Blendspace since it sounds like something I would find useful in my teaching. Here is a tutorial:

The day was full of exciting ideas, strategies, and networking.

The drive back to Ventura County in the Rio CUE Cruiser continued the discussions about maximizing productivity in our classrooms. It was an amazing weekend! CUE Rock Star Math!

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