Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

1) I tried something new with my Period 1 math students today. There is a mental math activity portion to Math Essentials. I had the students solve mentally, then immediately following, I had them share answers at their tables. I walked around and chose random students to share their solution. We even had an incorrect solution that helped students see how mistakes can ultimately help you understand how to get to the correct answer. Students were engaged and discussion was dynamic.

 2) I finished reading Wonder yesterday and I left my Classroom Chef book at home so I started reading Informative Assessment and got some new ideas to use in the classroom!

3) Every student wrote a question about some videos about drought and glaciers. Students then sorted the questions based on similarities. I was impressed with the insightful discussion as they placed questions in groups. (I wish more were involved in the sorting though, but this is a focus on the positive.)

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