Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday, 2 June 2016

1) There were some interesting observations for today's pattern which I switched so that each class had a different pattern this week.

Some student comments: 
I notice that the object is growing by one  cube on each side. I notice the shape is 3D. I notice that they're adding 6 cubes to each pattern. That the shape above 3 dimensional and they are tilted to an angle. I notice that they are adding a unit to each side.

I wonder what the 43d is going to look like. I wonder how many red cubes there are.

I think that the 43 pattern is going to have 42 cubes on each side. And the 4th one is going to look like this... (he didn't have time to make it since this is a warm up.) The 43 step will have more than 140 cubes in the shape. I think the 43rd step will be 43x6=

2) Our main lesson is about surface area, volume, and nets. Students were very engaged in making shapes from nets.

3) Several Honors students came in during their lunch to film their documentary for the Global Climate Change Project.

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