Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, 26 January 2017

I dragged into school today after not getting enough sleep last night. I was on a negative ROLL in the teacher's lounge and...

1) A colleague reminded me of a student who goes out of the way on a regular basis to make sense of what is being presented and of doing a great job showing that she understands. That particular student was in my class last year, but the reminder got me thinking about the students I have THIS year who exhibit some similar characteristics. I needed this refocusing. Thanks ECB!

2) In Creative Problem Solving, one of my students was experimenting with Bootstrap coding to see about making a multicolored triangle. It didn't work, but it is inspiring to see this kind of experimentation!

3) A student made a video to help other students use Tinkercad efficiently.

On top of that, I was treated to a lunch of terrific tamales thanks to Julie Maria! And I have lunch for tomorrow, from another caring colleague!

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