Friday, December 15, 2017

15 December 2017 Air Quality School Closure with High Tech High Visit

Ditch Summit started today and I got a review of ideas I use in my classroom. I'd like to get the book, Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown. It felt great to be validated on my use of Socratic, but I also feel I could use it more effectively.
While out and about in San Diego, I found myself close to High Tech High. We drove to the schools and I asked if I could visit and was told, sure! I visited High Tech High, High Tech Middle, and the newest Elementary School. The High School and Middle School had just finished an Open House for presenting projects and were cleaning up and getting ready for Winter Break. I was able to see some amazing projects. I learned about the structure of the middle school and how students are chosen via lottery to attend.  Teachers shared information about some of their PBL projects. One was about Cells and Cancer, another was choosing a classroom library that reflected the cultures of the students



Carrie Lawrence

At the Elementary 
School, I met a parent of a GATE student and a Special Ed student at the Elementary School. She is thrilled with the progress of both children and how the PBL works with the two different styles. 

I also saw 10 new bird species in San Diego County, including an incredibly good look at a Short-eared Owl!

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