Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Curren OSD Garden

This morning the 6th grade Rio del Sol STEAM teachers visited Curren School in Oxnard. Jennifer & Melissa shared their journey with the three garden areas at the school. The larger garden is full of native California plants and the vegetable planters are in a completely different part of the campus to avoid cross-contamination.

Questions: Gardening is time-consuming, are all teachers on board for caring for the garden?
How involved will the students be? Should all students participate? Will we compost? Or do what Curren does with their garden waste? (OSD maintenance collects the trimmings and delivers it to Agromin and they get compost for free when needed.) 

Comment: It was sad to hear that after all students had learned about the native plants, they still wondered why the grass was removed to allow for that special garden. Also, many people think the native plant garden looks "sloppy" compared to grass. Our society is SO disconnected from nature. I enjoyed meeting Jennifer and reacquainting with Melissa (met at EdCamp) and hearing about their process. It was wonderful of them to share.