Monday, September 10, 2018

Week of 10 September to 14 September

9/10/18 3 positives Monday
During morning meeting students did inside outside circle. At first it seemed as though they may not be able to tackle the job, but they didn’t give up within a couple minutes have the two circles.

During week of inspirational math, the students were working with 8 feet of string tied into a loop which they had to make into a variety of geometric figures. Most groups were on task and trying to tackle the very challenging problem of making the shapes with the string. The rules were that every person had to be holding a part of the string.

This group proved they were making a square by showing the sides before making the square.

I forgot my lunch but my best friend in the world made sure that I didn’t go hungry at lunchtime.


Mrs. Burke and I collaborated (as did our students) using a Desmos activity, Polygraph quadrilaterals. It went well. I'm looking forward to doing something like this again in the future.

90% of the students know how to copy and paste the daily schedule into their Google Sheet. 

Students were very active during the Digital Breakout EDU. There were students doing math all over the room to try and unlock the locks. 

This was a very popular greeting!

The students are beginning to accept that mistakes contribute to learning. Sometimes what a student sees can contribute to the knowledge of all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week of 4 September through 7 September

Today we had a hiccup with buses delivering students later than expected, however, upon arrival, their classmates filled them in and soon everyone was participating. 

The mascot project began today. I started with a Chalk Talk to find out what students knew. They then shared mascots they knew of and reasons for the choices. For example: Houston Rockets near NASA. Rio del Mar dolphins since they live in the sea. 

It was an excellent start to our short week.