Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday, 19 October 2018

Students participating in Copy Cat. They had to give two student directions, one at a time to move one part of their body until both people were in the same pose. The directions got very detailed and students had the same poses quickly. 
Today we had a visit from Dr. Cordova during a math lesson on perimeter and area. Students were hardworking collaborators in action. The rewriting of definitions of perimeter was done well with many groups adding a visual component to enhance comprehension.
This was a gift from a student. We talk about growth mindset a lot in class when things get difficult. This had a double meaning for me today!

I was impressed with the engineering projects. I decided to link this to the Bumper Car Activity in the CMP3 Unit on Area. Students LOVED showing off their bumper cars to Dr. Cordova today.

Silent reading poses.

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