Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

It was a fun filled morning for the students. First they went to the library, then we were doing morning meeting with a game called Alibi, when we were reminded about the popcorn fundraiser assembly which was starting just then. So off we went to the cafeteria for the assembly. 

There was a DJ who was an absolute hoot! She had the students participate in a boys against girls "fill in the next line of the song" contest. The students were SO into it! I loved watching them.

Back in class, we finished the Alibi game and groans were heard as we transitioned to the next activity. They wanted another round!

During math, I've noticed that students are now more comfortable getting up to explain their thinking without worrying about mistakes. YEAH! We already have enough trust in the room to have an environment of true learning, learning that comes from mistakes. 

Mistakes in Math: Expected, Respected and Inspected

Juggling is also a big hit, but our unit has ended.

After school, I picked up a book at the library and a parent shared with me how excited her child is about going to school and participating in my class each day. 

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