Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

WOW! Some crazy days! There are meetings after school, too much to do, and I'm exhausted at the end of each day so the positives haven't been showing up in the blog.  I made a point of doing them today.

Today, students solved a Visual Pattern quite nicely. It was interesting because when E first started explaining, some students disagreed with her pattern since she had 5 cubes in the bottom row and 4 cubes vertically on the left side. They saw 10 cubes total, not nine.  However, when E showed that the bottom ROW had one cube in step 1, two cubes in step 2, three cubes in step 3, four cubes in step 4, the students started listening more attentively. Then she showed 0 added vertically in step 1, 1 cube added vertically in step two and so on-- she had their attention. Then students talked to partners about how to show it at the nth step. I wrote the expression based on what they told me. Impressive. 

It was picture day so the clothes were NICE! Regarding picture day, today one of my students overcame a hurdle of many years! Impressive, right?

The hand art looks good on the walls.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thursday, 12 October 2019

It's been a busy time and I have not had a chance to visit the blog each day.

Today I set up a Mystery Skype and our test run finally worked out! So tomorrow is the day we give it a go!

The students are getting the routines down. Morning meetings are getting better each day as is Silent Reading.

Now it's off to another meeting!